Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Applied Kinesiology Successfully Treats Candida Infestation

Applied Kinesiology involvement with the problem of Candida Albicans has been ongoing and successful. Candida albicans, unlike the friendly bacteria who have made the human body their home, offers no benefits in return.

Candida albicans i
nfestation afflicts those who've undergone a course of antibiotics several times in a year; antibiotic treatment for acne; treatment with cortisone, prednisone or ACTH; more than one pregnancy; a very high sugar content in the diet; chronic multiple infections; and the use of contraceptive medication for a year or more.

Rampant candida is one of the most obvious signs of a depressed immune system.

Applied Kinesiologists have reported on the successful treatment of this tenacious condition in a number of journals for decades. The first paper above concerns a young girl with repeated and severe ear infections who, after several sessions with her AK doctor, never had a recurrence of this problem for over 7 years and counting. The second paper here by Rochlitz, was later published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.


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