Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Applied Kinesiology and Children's Health

Dr. Mark Mathews is an old Applied Kinesiology buddy of Dr. Scott's. He and I have lectured to the same groups around the world and shared drinks all over the planet. Dr. Mathews primary focus (a subject on which he and I have written many different research papers) is Applied Kinesiology's influence upon children with learning difficulties, dyslexia, behavioral and emotional problems -- this is not nearly well enough known in our world today.

Dr. Mark Mathews has been working parti...cularly diligently in the United Kingdom to change this sad state of affairs for children's health.

Dr. Mathews was on the Chrissy B Show in the UK recently talking about the Sunflower Program – a disciplined, systematic and holistic program to help children with learning and behavioral difficulties using AK in association with other functional, complementary and alternative medical approaches. AK is used as a diagnostic and remedial tool to integrate the musculoskeletal, neurological, biochemical, mental and emotional aspects of health to facilitate balance and wellbeing for patients.



Applied Kinesiology has shown in controlled clinical trials that it is one of the most effective approaches available in the world today for evaluating and treating the problems that children are suffering when they are not performing at their best and fulfilled by their daily lives.










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