Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Applied Kinesiology analysis and treatment in multiple sclerosis

Applied Kinesiology methods permit us a way to test and specifically treat disorders of the central nervous system. We do not treat the illnesses themselves, but can achieve results on some of their consequences. Patients with this type of disease appreciate all the help we can offer them.

In this patient with Multiple Sclerosis for 3 decades, the inability to walk was significantly improved after several applied kinesiology sessions (addressing the structural, chemical, and psychosocial aspects of his condition).


Applied Kinesiology: It's Past, Present, and Future



Two New Evidence-Based Textbooks on AK are available


Applied Kinesiology Cranial Technique and Glaucoma

This is how it is done and WHY more physicians should possess these skills...!!

Much more on the neurology of the AK cranial treatment and the manual muscle test as a diagnostic tool for head-neck disorders is in the new textbook: