Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The science behind Applied Kinesiology...Book Review

Manual Therapy's effectiveness for temporomandibular joint disorders

Applied Kinesiology manages each of the elements that make up neck pain. GET the best treatment in the world for this troubling condition.

Applied Kinesiology is an excellent choice for the treatment of sciatica, one of the most disabling (and common) conditions in the world.

Chiropractic before drugs or surgery for back pain...!

In 2010, the North American Spine Society recommended spinal manipulation should be considered BEFORE surgery or narcotics.

Spinal Surgery for Back Pain??? WATCH OUT...!!

Spinal surgery for back pain...? WATCH OUT!! There's constant "bad press" about this form of medical spine care...!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Applied Kinesiology's whole-person, triad-of-health, and functional neurological approach was assessed by an educational psychologist pre- and post-treatment and found to improve 157 children with learning disabilities...


Applied Kinesiology Poster Presentation at ACC-RAC 2016...the manual muscle test's co-variance in patients with cranial dysfunctions and headaches


Dr. Louisa Burns demonstrates how "sickness" results from "spinal disturbances"

Dr. Louisa Burns, DO was an osteopathic researcher whose work demonstrated conclusively that altered nerve flow resulting from "osteopathic vertebral lesions" caused immediately observable tissue changes. As the director of the A.T. Still Research Institute for many years, Dr. Burns studied the physiology of viscerosomatic reflexes.

Comprehensively covered in two new textbooks:

Applied Kinesiology New Book Review in Osteopathy Today

Oral nutrient testing in applied kinesiology

Oral nutrient testing is one of the methods used in AK to evaluate the nutritional needs of a patient. After a patient chews or tastes a substance, AK testing can ascertain the effect of a specific nutrient or toxic substance or a food upon the muscle system, giving an objective measurement of the effect of these substances upon the neuromuscular system.
Dr. Goodheart discussed this important early paper frequently in his Research Manuals and Tapes.

Comprehensively covered in two new textbooks:

Applied Kinesiology and the Cervical Spine

Some of the basic neuro-physiology of Applied Kinesiology are explained in this exciting new report from Dr. Haavik's research team in New Zealand

Comprehensively covered in two new textbooks:


Applied Kinesiology management of inflammatory pain