Saturday, August 23, 2014

East and West Combine: Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture – or more accurately “meridian therapy” – has proven a valid method of treatment. Dr. Goodheart and the ICAK have provided some of the first advancements in this treatment in the Western world.
By using AK techniques, the flow o...f energy in the meridians can be evaluated and corrected if out of balance. Correction can be made by many methods of stimulation such as electrical, cold laser, needles, small tape patches with metal balls, or by mechanically stimulating certain spots. There is usually an immediate improvement in muscle function after meridian balancing. A number of recent published reports have demonstrated the effectiveness of the AK system of analysis for meridian system dysfunctions.

The endocrinologists and AK practitioners Moncayo and Moncayo have investigated and confirmed many of the cornerstone procedures developed in AK for the treatment of the acupuncture or meridian system.
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