Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Applied Kinesiology or manual muscle testing?

The term "applied kinesiology" denotes a discipline using manual muscle testing as an important tool in the evaluation of body function. It is a procedure that has grown since 1964 from limited applications for postural and structural analysis to one which today incorporates all three sides of the triad of health — structural, chemical, and mental-emotional. It evaluates for the need of therapeutic procedures used in chiropractic, osteopathy, dentistry, nutrition, acupuncture, exercise and physical therapy, and allopathy. This total concept of examination has expanded greatly over the past decades with increased knowledge, showing the great amount of interaction that takes place within the body.


Unfortunately, there are no regulations that prevent a doctor from calling himself an applied kinesiologist and using this listing in telephone books and other directories. It is all too often that one who uses the total concept of applied kinesiology hears from a patient who consulted an "applied kinesiologist" in a distant city and comes back to report limited and ineffective examination. When the principal doctor communicates with the doctor in the distant city, he finds that person uses manual muscle testing only for evaluating nutritional, "psychological", or joint dysfunctions alone,   or is in some other way a one or two "trick" manual muscle tester.

Doctors belonging to the ICAK, and participating in its educational programs, assures you that the most comprehensive and "total applied kinesiology approach" is being used. The referrals received more than pay for the membership. The educational programs are a bonus. As more referral is done through this process, applied kinesiologists will be elevated and distinguished from the manual muscle testers.


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